When a well-respected businessman, a 60 year old US citizen, with not one infraction of the law throughout his entire life, one of the very few men who had run for public office without any criminal record to hide, has the company he built seized by the government without so much as an investigation worthy of bringing any kind of indictment against its principals, and that citizen can then be locked in solitary confinement with no trial, no evidence, no proof of any kind of any wrongdoing, with no indication of his crime, other than an inability to pay an exorbitant fine, levied upon no justifiable basis, and no indication of the length of time he was to be held … it is the operation of the court, the court system, the Judge, and those who had cause and ability to influence them that should be investigated.

Why would the SEC and the court it controlled, seize a company, quickly dismantle it and shred all of its documents in the midst of a supposed ongoing investigation and jail its CEO, rendering him completely incommunicado and unable to support his own defense, with no trial, not so much as an evidentiary hearing? … When you ask that question in the light of Altomare having been a loud whistle blower about naked short selling since 1997 … perhaps then you might realize that the rights of any and every American are subject to revocation at the whim of our now “Patriot Act” enabled and paranoid government. And what is their paranoia? That someone of true substance, integrity and means, might expose the wholesale purchasing of just about every US regulatory agency at the expense of the common American’s savings, investments and the massive cash flow generated by the middle class – those who have been fleeced by their own government in the name of democracy and the cost of defending it.