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Sold Short in America

by Richard Altomare



Imagine you founded, developed and operated a public American company that thrived for over 17 years.

Now imagine along the way you discovered that counterfeiting naked short sellers (people who sell shares of stock they do not own, nor have the intent to purchase or deliver) were working illegally to take your company and your country down. In turning to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for protection against these “silent killers” you were not only denied assistance but told that naked short selling did not exist. After suing the SEC, your company and its six vibrant subsidiaries were seized, closed and liquidated; your request for a trial was denied; and you were actually sentenced to chained solitary confinement without a crime committed.

For Richard Altomare, founder and CEO of Universal Express, Inc. (USXP), he didn’t have to imagine this scenario. This insightful whistle blower lived it. Altomare’s prison expose, Sold Short in America, is the personal account of his disturbing imprisonment which was enforced without a trial or a crime by a now recently promoted judge.

“I wrote this book as a wakeup call to Americans on many levels. For decades I, too, felt comfortable in believing our Constitutional rights would protect me and the citizens I tried to help by taking a righteous stand against the ineptitude of the SEC,” says Altomare. “But after blowing the whistle on naked short selling, everything changed. I apparently became a threat and an enemy to a governmental cover up and was subsequently improperly treated as a danger to society.”

Much more than a memoir, Sold Short in America, through humor, pathos, and clarity of judgment, details Altomare’s claims that due to some new non-constitutional aspects of the Patriot Act, Universal Express was torn apart in an effort to cover-up this major governmental scandal. Now, years later, the SEC has not only admitted the scandal existed but it now claims naked short selling was a major proponent to America’s failing economy. This admittance didn’t help Altomare or his 60,000 shareholders as he sat in chained solitary confinement penning this outrageous incarceration diary amongst hardened criminals and terrorists. However, this ordeal did not silence Altomare who, 40 pounds lighter and 83 days later, was hastily freed with his now subsequent passion to alert Americans of his mistreatment in an effort to warn them of their own potential loss of freedom vulnerability.

“After September 11th, the Patriot Act was established to protect the United States from terrorists. While I, a former Marine, support this act, others believe that it gives some government employees far too much power over its citizens,” notes Altomare. “In the case of Universal Express the SEC used elements of the Patriot Act to trample our constitutional rights as they slandered reputations, seized assets, and even destroyed our corporate documents despite our justifiable, ongoing appeals and requests for trial.”

Aside from the startling realization that constitutional rights and well intended government employees cannot always protect the average citizen, Sold Short in America also skillfully reveals the cracks in our American judicial system and our 60 Billion Dollar annual budgeted Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

“Only the Pope, some politically powerful American judges, and tyrants are issued lifelong term limits,” continues Altomare.

“There are serious gaps in many of America’s systems – Sold Short in America helps Americans understand that they can persevere and bring about changes within those systems without fear.”

This intense and emotional journey of those governmental corruptions presently fleecing our country will assist readers of Sold Short in America to gain insight into:

· Why Bernie Madoff was advising the SEC while they were silencing Altomare’s company

· The harsh realities of the American 60 Billion Dollar prison system – why an innocent man was forced to serve chained solitary confinement time among hardened criminals and terrorists without ever having been charged with a crime.

· Why the SEC has covered up naked short selling and its own financial records for years and then tried to silence this whistleblower who was the first to legally shed light on this financial epidemic.

· Why the United States has the highest prison population in the world (and growing) with lack of rehabilitative programs at the top of the list.

Richard Altomare is an American Whistleblower who was the first CEO to legally expose naked short selling and win a $700,000,000 judgment awarded by a jury. Before founding and operating Universal Express, Altomare worked as a respected CEO for numerous companies over the span of twenty years. In addition to his corporate and charitable achievements, Altomare also served in the USMC and the US Army for 12 years, was a political candidate, professional sports team executive, warden, and taught and coached at the college and high school level.

Altomare, a New Yorker, currently resides in Boca Raton, FL with his wife, Barbara.

SOLD SHORT in America is Altomare’s audacious odyssey about his whistleblowing experience and the unforeseen vindictive bureaucratic repercussions. For information about the book visit: The book can be purchased on