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SOLD SHORT in America

by Richard A.  Altomare

This book is a non-fiction, painfully true account of an American whistle-blower whose silencing was attempted by conflicted and vengeful bureaucrats. This work presents oversights within the regulatory Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), The U.S. Justice Department, and The Bureau of Prisons penal systems (BOP); as an innocent former US Marine and 60 year old grandfather is actually placed in high security solitary confinement for trying to warn the country of the impending financial crisis (now current, admitted, acknowledged, and publicized) and how it could have been prevented. He committed no crime, was never afforded the due process of law or a proper trial, was neither indicted nor convicted of anything, but was incarcerated in solitary confinement for 83 days in an attempt to silence him, while the SEC dismantled his successful public company, which was the holder of a $700,000,000.00 judgment then being litigated against the SEC.

Entertaining and informative, this book presents the issues, actions and utter contempt that many governmental employees exhibit towards all citizens who rely upon them for professional and responsible representation and treatment. It skillfully exposes the reader to an annual 60 Billion dollar prison budgeted sink hole in dire need of investigation and improvement. From the Author’s “Woody Allen type” humor in relaying the horrific reality of our prison systems and governmental agencies, the reader will not be able to stop turning the pages to meet the segments of society and their abhorrent, illegal and unconstitutional actions that this work exposes.

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    I ralely wish there were more articles like this on the web.


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