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To all our children and grandchildren:

May you live in a future America that understands why this book should NEVER have had to be written.

May you NEVER live in an America inhabited by robotic citizens who have fearfully suppressed or, God forbid, forgotten those freedom loving qualities that stir the courageous actions necessary to bring about honorable changes within our government.  Our faith in those freedoms once defined the fabric of this country. NEVER forget it.

To my memories of an America, when leaders were filled with Integrity, Constitutional accountability, and a sense of equitable justice.

With special gratitude to the United States Marine Corps, which instilled in me the importance of fighting for the truth – no matter the pain, effort, or sacrifice.

To the memory of Universal Express (USXP), it’s employees, shareholders, ideas, and investors that built our exemplary business model. The positive dream continues to exist, and the truth of their efforts live on.

To all these government officials currently “above the law”, who made this work painfully necessary…can you now hear the footsteps of our impending justice?

Mr. Richard A. Altomare

Former CEO – Universal Express, Inc.

September 2010

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