Excerpts from the book

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His ongoing Supreme Court case questions the actions of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It also questions his inappropriate solitary confinement incarceration by a recently promoted or rewarded Judge who refused his Company a jury trial against the SEC. This most unusual and hopefully soon to be historic case affects the core freedoms of every American.

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A National Scandal

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Naked shorting is a significant cause of the present financial crisis, which the SEC failed to regulate for years in the interest of Wall Street firms, as well as itself. (just as it also failed to prevent the Madoff scandal)

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To the memory of Universal Express (USXP), it’s employees, shareholders, ideas, and investors that built our exemplary business model. The positive dream continues to exist, and the truth of their efforts live on.

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David vs. Goliath

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The injustices imposed upon this heroic whistleblower in an attempt to silence him affect the core freedoms of every American citizen.

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Book Summary

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Entertaining and informative, this book presents the issues, actions and utter contempt that many governmental employees exhibit towards all citizens who rely upon them for professional and responsible representation and treatment.

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Author Summary

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“I wrote this book as a wakeup call to Americans on many levels. For decades I, too, felt comfortable in believing our Constitutional rights would protect me and the citizens I tried to help by taking a righteous stand against the ineptitude of the SEC,” says Altomare. “But after blowing the whistle on naked short selling, everything changed. I apparently became a threat and an enemy to a governmental cover up and was subsequently improperly treated as a danger to society.”

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