If you lost money in the last ten years in the stock market and in your 401-K, the reason is likely to have been “naked short” selling.

You probably didn’t know that naked shorting was the reason.

You were a victim along with hundreds of thousands of ordinary investors damaged, by the allowance by the SEC, of trillions of counterfeit and unregistered shares into the market.

The SEC failed to regulate and covered up this crime for over ten years in the interest of Wall Street banks, brokers and hedge funds.

Jonathan Swift once wrote that he always knew when a true genius entered a room because the fearful dunces would always gather together to attempt to discredit or silence him.

Richard Altomare’s courage, persistence, resiliency and steadfastness surfaced while the regulatory dunces maligned, lied, incarcerated, destroyed and relentlessly attacked him and his fine public company.

He refused to back down and recant his now proven truthful premise that the regulator, the SEC, was not regulating naked short selling and that thousands of companies, hundreds of thousands of their employees and millions of Main Street investors and their dreams were being systematically destroyed by illegal naked short sellers, Wall Street banks, brokers and hedge funds.

The conflicted regulator denied the veracity of his claims for over ten years, covered up this national scandal of naked shorting in the interest of Wall Street interests, but much later was forced to acquiesce, at the end of 2008, the truth of those claims that naked shorting was a huge problem largely responsible for the existing financial crisis.

During your visit to this website you will see an heroic American, a former United State’s Marine willing to stand guard so that other Americans can once again trust their trading, regulatory, justice and financial systems.

His sacrifices, humiliation, and pain should be remembered by all who angrily read the facts contained in this site.